COVID-19 Update : Your Personal Affairs

The worldwide Covid -19 pandemic lead many clients to review their personal affairs including their Wills and Powers of Attorney to ensure that their personal affairs are in order. If you have not already done so it is crucial to have appropriate and valid medical and financial documents in place particularly as, until such time as the vaccination roll out is completed in Australia, there is still a heightened risk of medical intervention.

Please contact our office (tel 03 96705311) to arrange an appointment to discuss your estate planning so that you may have certainty that your affairs are in order.

Our lawyers are available to discuss with you your requirements via face to face meeting, telephone conference, email or post. Following receipt of your instructions a draft Will and/or Powers of Attorney will be emailed or posted to you for your perusal. If the document(s) meet your expectation and you are you are happy to sign them we will arrange an appointment for the document(s) to be signed and witnessed as required.

April 2021

COVID-19 Update : Assisting Business

Federal Government support to businesses ceased on 28 March 2021. It is possible that without continuing financial support some businesses may have to close their doors or be faced with potential closure at least.

In these extraordinary and rapidly changing times business owners are asking what legal rights they have in relation to:

  • employment issues such as pay, leave entitlements and dismissals and protocols for employee health and well being
  • retail, commercial, residential leasing arrangements/relief for both tenants and landlords
  • financial hardship for individuals, families and businesses due to loss of income including being unable to pay bills and/or fines on time
  • disputes over refunds for cancelled events or travel plans
  • cancellation of contracts with suppliers or suppliers cancelling contracts with a business.

We understand that these and other related issues may be extremely challenging and we at Barbour Arnold & Cousins Lawyers are available to assist you in protecting your rights either as an employee or as a business from foreseeable risks.

Please contact our office to arrange an appointment.

April 2021